Rock & Gems



We carry a beautiful selection of over 85 different stone cabochons. All shapes and sizes. Discounts apply for more stones purchased. Ask us about it today!



Opals from Ethiopia, Tanzanite from Tanzania, Sapphires from Thailand. We carry a good selection of facets.

Rough Minerals


Jade slabs, rough petrified wood, Pyrite from Spain, rough Sapphires, rough sodalite, tons of slabs! Come check out our selection if you're into lapidary this is right up your alley!

Polished Stones


We have a HUGE selection of tumbles and polished stones. 

Pyramids & Shapes


Labradorite spheres, selenite palm stones, Kuan Win pyramids, the sky is the limit. If we don't have the stone you want in the shape you want, just make your request and we'll try and bring it in within a couple of weeks. Depending on price point, a deposit of half upfront will be required for special requests. 



  • We drill certain stones for $5 a hole. 
  • We can wire wrap pendants, earrings, etc. for a minimal wrap fee. 
  • We fix stone bracelets! Bring us your stone beads and we'll restring it for you for $5 a bracelet.